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Ready for a new exhilarating passion? Here we go...

Kiting on water is a dynamic and exhilarating sport that will keep you craving for more. Which such depth and modalities(freestyle, waveriding, and racing), is the fastest growing sport on the planet. 
The course is divided into 3 lessons of 3 hours each. 
How far students get depends completely on personal abilities. 
We begin by learning wind theory follow by trainer kite lessons(1.5-3 meters). This kite is excellent for learning as its size makes beginners mistakes forgivable while attaining the proper skills to learn how to fly the bigger kites. 
From there we move on to the big kites! We learn how to rig up the kite, kitecontrol on water, activation of safety mechanisms, body drag, self-rescue.
Ready to ride? The last class is focus on learning how to ride our board! We begin by learning how to drag upwind with and without our boards. Followed by ofcourse! Riding on board. We learn water start, riding down wind, and upwind. Finishing up with learning how to pack our kite.

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